The Top 3 Things We Love About


Government websites have a reputation of being unattractive and out of touch with today’s web trends. However, that is not the case with has won several (over 100) awards including the Web Marketing Association’s 2013 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development.

So, what makes this .gov so special?

3: Show vs Tell:

The site does an amazing job of utilizing strong imagery, icons, and infographics to show the people of Utah what’s going on in their community. The content is brief, and knows when to let imagery do the talking.

2: The GPS Effect:

People don’t find sites by typing in their name into a browser window anymore. They find them via Google. People find what they need through search engines. offers a prominent search bar built with Google Custom Search functionality. The site also provides a very strong top nav which implements the use of clear icons to show site visitors where to go during their exploration of

1: For the people. By the people: encourages its site visitors to be an active participant in the development and presentation of the site’s content. The site encourages Utah’s citizen to upload photos, videos, blog posts, and more to share with others in the state. The site’s
“Connect” section is one of the best-organized social media resource centers online. The section goes beyond Twitter and Facebook logos and also offers publications, podcasts, mobile apps for download, blog feeds, and presentations. You can’t miss the stunning background photos on the homepage. They are all contributed by citizens of Utah. Brilliant.

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