What We Do

We understand and respect that today’s web user is extremely savvy. The web is the ultimate empowerment tool. Web audiences have the choice to decide where they want to eat, what doctor they want to see, or what organization they’ll donate money to by reading reviews, evaluating the transparency of a company’s online content, and by assessing their overall user experience with a brand. We love being in the business of transparency and honesty. Our clients cannot succeed online if we don’t extend those elements in the services we provide.

  Content Strategy:

Man, do we love content. Content is essential to the creation and success of today’s website. Today, people expect to have a two-way dialogue with your brand. It’s essential that your web content; whether it’s in the form of a web page, a blog, a video, or a Facebook post- knows how to effectively respond and engage with your audience. We will audit your existing content and tell you what works, what doesn’t, and what’s missing.

We’ll put together robust strategic recommendations as well as an information architectural plan (how your content and overall navigation should be organized and structured) that is shaped by your content.

Caught in the Web Consulting will also teach you how to keep the content fresh, how to make your team accountable for its maintenance, and how to measure its effectiveness.

  Non-Profit Campaign Development:

We pride ourselves in our big hearts. We love organizations that do good things. We love them. Planning an engaging campaign for a non-profit is critical to reaching fundraising and cultivation goals. We have developed highly-successful campaign plans including email appeals, web promotions, search engine marketing, social media, and list growth tactics for prominent non-profits and can help you meet your objectives as well.

  Online Strategic Development:

It’s easy to say that your business needs a website, but why? Online strategy is more than just having a pretty website. It’s also more than what lives at your website address. Its social media, video, email marketing, search (internal and external), and more. Creating and maintaining a website should not be managed by tactics- it should be developed through a comprehensive, fully-executable plan. A website strategy needs to serve as a true extension of your business’ goals and objectives.

This includes how the site will:

  • Attract and retain your audience
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Be measurable and validated

  RFP Development:

We have sat on both the client and agency side of the table for nearly 20 years, and know what it takes from both parties to determine what works best for website redesign efforts from discovery to launch. Before going through the process of building a new website, we work with clients to evaluate their current online platform and overall strategy to see what’s working and what’s not. We provide current state assessments (all online channels including fundraising, membership, and acquisition efforts) to address known issues and to uncover problems as well as opportunities.

We lead targeted stakeholder (internal and external) (which often entails interviews and current state user testing) to truly define the objectives and priorities needed in the desired redesign.

From there, we compile all of this information to draft a robust and informative RFP to disseminate to the potential or already determined web partner. We take pride in mitigating common risks in web redesign efforts including budget or scope creep, a never-ending review cycle, or lack of stakeholder governance.

At the discretion of the client, we can transition into a PM role- ensuring that internal stakeholders remain engaged with the effort while confirming that defined deliverables align with the goals and the determined project scope.

  Website Assessment:

Before going through the process of building a new website, it is critical that a business evaluates their current platform to see what’s working and what’s not. Caught in the Web Consulting provides thorough website assessments to address known issues and to uncover problems as well as opportunities. Sometimes we’ll find that your site just needs a nip and tuck here and there to improve. Other times, we identify that it’s time to do an online 180.

  Website Design:

Our awesome designers (one is the Sasha Fierce of web design) pride themselves on truly building a website that puts the customer and end-user first. They also openly call themselves design freaks and geeks. They also know that designing to content and brand integrity is KEY.

Creating a strong visual identity for your brand is essential.
We go beyond a logo and create the online face + voice for your brand.


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